Kerenga Kua

​Country’s economy shrinking: Kua

He said there are more people without jobs in Port Moresby than five years ago and local and foreign companies have reduced their staff size or closed their doors completely.

“Despite all this, there is no reigning in of expenditure in the government’s 100 day plan. Taxes have gone up and the man on the street is expected to pay more because this government has overspent in the last six years.”

Govt’s 100 day plan will kill off economic recovery: Kua

Kua said he was shocked to learn that Treasurer Charles Abel’s “100-Day/25 Point Plan”, which has been approved by the National Executive Council, calls for the reduction of Provincial Support Improvement Programme (PSIP) and District Support Improvement Programme grants by K886 million.

“The public has been made to believe that this was a cornerstone policy of the O’Neill Government but Abel has chosen, without the benefit of any public discussion, to virtually wipe out these initiatives in one foul stroke.

VIDEO: Kua explains Point of Order

He says that he was never allowed to make his point of order that there were five 'strangers' on the floor of Parliament, and the Clerk of Parliament never responded to his point of order.


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Kua disgusted with ‘kidnap’ incident

Kua, in a statement, has expressed disgust at reports of the use of police personnel to carry out the work of PNC Party to form government.

"While numbers are steadily increasing on team Alliance, the flow of members elect appears to have dried up at (outgoing Prime Minister Peter) O'Neill's Alotau camp.

“PNG continues to reject PNC and return more and more Alliance members. It is becoming clear that O'Neill is not beyond unethical conduct."

VIDEO: Kua on use of Security personnel and elections

Member elect for Sinasina Yongumugl and leader of the PNG National Party Kerenga Kua said the presence of security personnel makes voters intimidated and sometimes scared of voting for the right leader.


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Involvement of security personnel during elections not right: Kua

Member elect for Sinasina Yongumugl and leader of the PNG National Party Kerenga Kua said the presence of security personnel makes voters intimidated and sometimes scared of voting for the right leader.

In a media conference on Sunday in Port Moresby, Mr Kua said officers from the disciplinary forces have a duty to do and not to provide security during the election period.

He said elections must be conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner and not with the presence of security personnel.

Kua welcomed by jubilant supporters

He was welcomed at the Jackson's airport by jubilant supporters at lunch time today.

Kua said he was retained this time around with the biggest margin, which was not on cash politics.

He said people believed in his service delivery, which reflected in him receiving the biggest vote from his district.

He polled a total of 21,114 to retain his seat.

"We need to play cash free politics. If they (people) see services, they will retain you. This was the biggest lesson learnt from Sinesine-Yongumugl," Kua said.

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Kua successfully retains seat!

Kerenga Kua has successfully retained his seat as MP for Sinasina-Yongumugl in Chimbu Province.


First from Enga to be declared

John Pundari was the first Member to be declared winner in Enga Province for the Kompiam-Ambum Open seat on Thursday afternoon.

Kua successfully retains seat!

The required vote for an absolute majority was 20,910.

However, the leader for PNG National Party polled a total of 21,114 in the 33rd exclusion check for the electorate, exceeding the absolute majority.

Kua is the first candidate to be declared under his party as well as the first to be declared for Chimbu Province.

Kua dismisses Bakani’s statement

PNG National Party Leader and Member for Sinasina-Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua, dismissed the views expressed last month by the Bank of PNG Governor, Loi Bakani, that political candidates should refrain from commenting on the economy.

“Freedom of expression is a Constitutional right and the performance of the economy remains of paramount concern to the people of Papua New Guinea and for my Party,” Kua said.  

“This, together with the performance of the Government and indeed of the Bank of Papua New Guinea, occupies a central position in the election debates.