Kerema Town

Kerema Needs Proper Market

Currently construction phase of the Siviri village market project is awaiting funding from the Gulf Provincial Government to commence by end of April.

According to Kerema Town Mayor, Sam Koraea, the funding from the Provincial Government through Kerema Urban Local Level Government will cater for a proper concrete area.

Kerema robbery allegedly led to regional clash

According to a resident, a man from the Highlands region had gone into town to purchase betelnut during the day when he was allegedly attacked by a known thug in the town.

The criminal forced the man to hand over his belongings but he refused, leading to him getting stabbed.

The witness said the victim's relatives later came in busloads during the night and attacked people in the town, where an innocent man was caught in the commotion and is now nursing serious injuries.

Locals damage police vehicles, ransack EC office in retaliation

Police vehicles were damaged, the provincial police commander’s (PPC) house was ransacked then set alight while the provincial Electoral Commission office was looted.

The incident arose from the shooting death of a young man by a police officer on Thursday night.

Provincial police commander, Michael Pake, told Loop PNG that a response unit from the nation’s capital, temporarily based at his house, was involved in the incident.

“They were asleep when they heard noises outside so they came out to investigate,” the PPC says.