Kepsie Puiye

Review on act needed to determine benefit streams

Acting Secretary for the Department of Petroleum and Energy, Kepsie Puiye, tells Loop PNG that process is ongoing and amendments could be made to sections of the act, such as the benefit streams.

He said current potential off-shore gas projects such as ‘Pasca’, which lies within the periphery of the Gulf Province boundary, would see a change in how benefits are shared between the Province and the state.

Secretariat to push for petroleum authority

He told Loop PNG that so far, the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum has shown its support to him for the establishment of the authority.

“What that means is that the industry will put the money up front to bring in short term consultants who will basically focus on setting up the authority.”

He says this means they will do all the necessary work, like the drafting of the bill, which will give legal meaning to the operation of the new authority.