Kavieng district

Portable sawmills, chainsaws for Kavieng wards

Economically, the equipment can allow people to build houses, shops and community facilities at lower cost. It is also a sign of wanting to do more value-added processing in PNG rather than simply exporting round logs.

“Better structures locally has social benefits with more secure and better housing for families. Money saved from local production as well as money earned through selling processed wood improves livelihoods,” said Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey.

Public holiday declared in Kavieng

The overcast day has done nothing to dampen the festive atmosphere, fused with the vivid provincial flags of orange and light blue colour and traditional costumes.

Students in school uniforms, police and correctional service personnel, residents, government officials and the media have gathered outside the white mansion.

The building is quite similar to the Queen Emma mansion in Rabaul, East New Britain Province.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill and his delegation of Government ministers will be officiating at the event.

More to follow.

​DSIP fund not acquitted: Micah

Former Minister for State Enterprises and Kavieng MP, Ben Micah, told Loop PNG that most districts, including his own (Kavieng), have not been acquitted since 2013.

Micah was responding to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s statement in regard to the Kavieng DSIP.

O’Neill raised serious questions about what happened to the more than K40 million delivered to the Kavieng District over the past four years.