Karkar Island Bilum Festival

Bilum Festival set to boost tourism in Madang

The festival will be staged on Karkar Island from June 3-5.

Karkar Island is located in the Bismarck Sea, about 30 kilometres off the north coast of mainland PNG in Madang Province.

This is the first of its kind to be held on the island and is set to be one of the largest events in the province attracting thousands of visitors both locally and from the International arena.

Chairman for the KIBF Pholas Yongole said that the festival will celebrate and showcase the vast variety of the famous Karkar bilum, culture and tradition.

Karkar Island Bilum Festival to be staged for the first time

The Karkar Island Bilum Festival (KIBF) is also the first cultural event to be staged this year.

The festival is the first show of its kind to be held on Karkar Island as the women on the island are famous for their traditional bilum weaving skills.

Chairman for the KIBF Pholas Yongole said the festival is on schedule and the preparations are well on the way.

“There are many ways in which the public can take part in the festival and one is through either information or stalls.