Supporters flock to witness Polye’s nominate

Despite a last-minute notice under a bad weather, supporters flocked in numbers to join him at Kandep Station to converge to the district office.

Polye was previously in Wabag for the nomination of  THE Party endorsed candidate for the Enga Regional Seat Sandy Talita.

In a low-key ceremony Polye nominated just before 4 pm in front of the Assistant Returning Officers, Joseph Yangau, and, George Marke, at the district office.

Two other intending candidates nominated yesterday, one of which includes a female nominee.

Polye takes T.H.E party to rural areas

Polye recently visited Pura area in the outback of Kandep electorate carrying out awareness among the rural population.

The area is located among the rugged terrain and very remote but this did not stop Polye from visiting his people.

He took a 20 minutes helicopter ride from Mt Hagen to Pura in Kandep in the Enga province where he was welcome by more than 2,000 people.

Polye held meetings with tribal leaders and chiefs prior to his meeting with general population.

He took the opportunity to educate the people on his party’s policies.

Ipatas visits Enga schools, hands out K727,595

The funds were for a high school, one vocational center, 45 community schools and 72 elementary schools.

When he visited the schools in Kandep, students and the communities converged at the station to await the 2016 last quarter tuition fee free allocation cheques from the Governor.

As the Governor approached, the Kandep District Headquarters building  echoed with  slogans of "Action Governor" and "father of education" along with other chants in Engan.

School after school stomped, Enga style, into the gathering bearing placards.

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No Independence celebration for Kandep


There will be no celebrations in the Kandep electorate commemorating PNG’s 40th Independence anniversary.

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