Kadovar Island

Funds being sorted for Kadovar

Reports have been received of the eruption of a dormant volcano on Kadovar Island, which is home to over 500 people.

The MP says he has received reports from his provincial administration and is on standby for word from the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory.

In terms of funding, Isifu admits that his own electoral funds are limited due to accounts yet to be opened. However, he is in the process of facilitating for funding to assist from the National Disaster Office.

Kadovar eruption: Sleeping volcano awakes

This follows the eruption of a sleeping volcano, which erupted at least 16 hours ago.

Kopar councillor Tom Kelly told this newsroom that the boats were sent out as soon as they noticed that something was wrong. However, the boats are yet to return.

Kopar is the nearest island – at least a thirty-minute boat ride to Kadovar.

Kelly said at the moment, thick clouds can be seen from the island, and the clouds are darker and increasing at an alarming rate.

He said they are yet to receive a response from the disaster office or government.