Juveniles arrested for stealing

The three allegedly broke into a shop, owned by a Bangladeshi man in Lorengau, and got away with cash and goods worth K36,061.50.

Manus PPC, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said they broke into the shop using a bolt cutter and took off with K20,500 cash and cigarettes worth K15,561.50.

Meanwhile, a 36-year-old man from Manus has also been arrested and charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor.

Police say the accused was under the influence of alcohol when he entered the victim’s house through the window while she was asleep and assaulted her.

Separate facilities for juveniles: Advisor

Human rights advisor, Dr Carolyn Graydon, says there must be separate facilities for juveniles, supported with educational activities for them.

This is the standard that is practiced internationally however, is a challenge in PNG, especially in the police holding cells and at times the prison facilities due to overcrowding.

In Papua New Guinea jails, there are also the children of women prisoners who were born and raised there.

​Bonds within walls

It’s a silent rule perhaps - what happens on the inside, stays inside.

But one obvious thing is the bond and relationships built within.

Loop PNG had the opportunity to talk with some inmates in the Bomana prison and here are some of their views.

“We live a normal life just like anybody else outside the fence. We live everyday like any other day in here (prison),” says *Noel.

“We only go out when we have a court hearing. Those whose family come to visit, have that opportunity. But, to me, it’s like I’m still at home.”

Grade 8 students arrested on sex charges

The two juveniles were arrested and charged on Tuesday this week with sexual penetration, under section 229(a) of the Criminal Code act and Sexual offense and Crimes against Children’s act.

The victim is a 14-year-old Grade Seven student who also attends the same primary school as the alleged perpetrators.

Manus acting provincial police commander, Senior Inspector David Yapu, said the victim, who attends Liap Primary School, was returning home last Wednesday (March 29) when she was allegedly confronted and sexually assaulted by the students, who are also 14 years of age.