Inaugural juvenile course for police officers

The experienced juvenile justice officer based in Lae has seen firsthand how children who come into conflict with the law can, with the right support and opportunities, turn their life around and she is keen to see more being given a second chance.

“Sometimes it is very hard for a child to think about the possibilities, especially when he comes from a background that is violent,” Senior Constable Bartley, Officer in Charge of the Juvenile Justice Reception Centre at Lae Police Station, says.

“But if he is given the time to change, he may do that.”

17 and on the run

He has been on the run for months now, after being falsely accused of stealing from his employer.

He was a carrier for a local businesswoman named *Mary. He’d carry her second-hand clothes bales daily, to and from her place to the market. Second-hand clothing is a popular and demanding market in the country, and makes good money.

Larry’s engagement wasn’t long before one of the bales went missing. Blaming Larry, Mary had him arrested, charged and thrown in jail.

Inmates to be certified yoga instructors

This opportunity has come four years after the introduction of yoga inside the prison walls.

Yu Yet PNG, a yoga body in PNG introduced the Bomana prison project, where a group of yogis visit the prison every Friday for yoga classes.

“I have been trying to train inmates and now, finally, the commander has given the green light,” said Fazilah Bazari – yoga instructor and founder.

Now, she says five inmates will be trained equally as the youth outside the prison and have the chance to teach in prison and be able to generate income while still in prison.