Justice Joseph Yagi

Scrutineers give evidence in Hela petition

Justice Joseph Yagi is presiding over the trial which commenced last Friday.

Francis Potape’s scrutineer in the election, Tape Pulupe, was called to the stand yesterday to give evidence.

Dr Hewali Hemia’s sole scrutineer in the election was also called yesterday to give evidence.

He was questioned by Philip Undialu’s lawyer on certain parts of his affidavit, which they thought were similar to the affidavit of Potape’s lawyer.

The trial continues.

Application on alternate PM nomination dismissed

This application was in relation to the nomination of the alternate Prime Minster in the event of a vote of no-confidence motion against any Prime Minister. It was filed by the General Secretary of the People’s National Congress party, Edward Mike Jondi.

The full court heard submissions during the last Supreme Court sitting week for 2016, and delivered its ruling mid last month.

Justice Joseph Yagi delivered the court’s ruling on behalf of his fellow brother judges, Justices Les Gavara-Nanu and Allan David.

Paraka Lawyers locked out of office

They were locked after Nambawan Super took out restraining orders against Paul Paraka Lawyers on Monday from having access to the property they used over the years.

A substantial amount of outstanding rental, amounting to K5 million, is claimed to be owed by the law firm to Nambawan Super.

Principal Paraka went to the National Court on Wednesday with an application asking the court to set aside the orders issued on Monday.