Justice Harold Terrence Foulds

Judge Foulds farewelled

The judge who served close to two years in Mt Hagen, was also bided farewell on Wednesday this week by the people of Western Highlands and Jiwaka provinces.

Justice Harold Terrence Foulds passed away after a short illness on 17 September 2018, in Mt Hagen, where he served as its third resident judge.

He commenced work with the Commonwealth Attorney General of Australia from 1971 to late 2016, where he dedicated his entire working life to serving the government and people of Australia.

He was sworn into office as a PNG Judge on 19 December 2016.

New PNG judge sworn in

Justice Harold Terrence Foulds will serve as a judge in PNG for a term of three years.

He signed instruments of his appointment, read and signed his declaration of office, loyalty and judiciary declaration at Government house last Friday.

The event was witnessed by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio in the presence of other judges, including Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.