Jungle Intelligence

Group aims to change Gulf

Karaeta has incorporated an ILG group and was expecting the visit today.

Located at the outskirts of Kerema town, it is rather obvious the desperation for better basic service.

The visit established the relationship between JI and local LOs who have worked to re-establish their traditional LO  structure, to cater for this discussions.

Among the group was professor Victor Nossar and his family.

Prof Nossar is a senior community pediatrician with over 30 years’ experience, his wife is a high school teacher and his daughter a nurse.

Gulf needs ‘worsening’

Communities in Gulf are now taking ownership to establish a pathway for development.

And this is through the traditional structure system, which with modern influence, has since been broken down.

Assisting with this is Jungle Intelligence to oversee villages building back traditional landowner structures based on their customary landownership.

This structure follows options to partner with government and other agencies to build the needed services.