Joshua Himina

Maprik initiates partnership with unis

This initiative follows agreements by the university and district to offer selected courses in the resource centre in Maprik, East Sepik Province.

District CEO Joshua Himina said he is pleased with this initiative and for the University of Goroka to be the first to come through is a stepping stone not only for the district but throughout the provinces.

Students are eager to learn and or further their education however, the absence of facilities makes it difficult for them.

35yo determined to change Maprik

Joshua Himina has recently been appointed the acting CEO of Maprik District Development Authority.

The 35-year-old is a former assistant secretary for social sector under the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.

Himina believes investing in the district is the platform to a changing and eventually growing district.

He said it had been his dream to contribute to the growth of his district and to his province.

He has wholeheartedly welcomed the appointment despite the fact that he may be one of the youngest to be appointed to that post.