Joseph Cajetan

FPDA partners with SHP to grow potato

The partnership is for three years at a cost of K3 million which will see FPDA providing technical assistance and mobilizing farmers to use their land and prioritized farming especially potatoes.

Southern Highlands Provincial Administrator Joseph Cajetan said agriculture is one of five key priority areas the Provincial administration has embarked on, in the province.

He added that the provincial administration has established a potato factory in Pangia district and the partnership between FPDA will boost the technical aspects of the farmers and grow more potatoes.

Disorder in SHP

Acting SHP Provincial Administrator, Joseph Cajetan, says the province lacks tangible development because the engine room lacks coordination.

“Our provincial head office and the public servants are not in order,” reiterated Cajetan.

“To begin with, the second-storey of the office is condemned. There is no electricity and water. Public servants are in their houses and villages while others are roaming around in other parts of the country,” added Cajetan.

He said getting the office in order is his immediate task however, financial constraints is the biggest setback.

Stabilise and rebuild SHP!

This is the approach the newly-appointed acting Provincial Administrator for Southern Highlands, Joseph Cajetan, is taking.

In light of this, Cajetan is calling on all Southern Highlanders to cooperate and work in unity with his office to restore the province.

Southern Highlands Province has had its fair share of turmoil.

The province, especially its people, have suffered from problems which stemmed from politics following the 2017 National Elections while the recent earthquake created further disorder.

Confusion over SHP post

A gazettal by the Ministerial Appointments Committee confirmed the appointment.

However, caretaker Southern Highlands Provincial Administrator Thomas Eluh says the timing of the alleged appointment is wrong.

Speaking at a media conference in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon, he said the situation will cause more tension in a province that has a State of Emergency declared over it.

“My appointment is current, until the position is advertised and a permanent appointment is made.