John Kariko

Impressive debut for young Barramundi

The young man from Hanuabada have impressed his superior not only with his game but also in the way carried himself throughout the event.

Coach Ovia said this young guy is the future of the Baramandi.He said John bowled some good areas although it was just his first time. He knew what he was doing and was great for the team.

At the PNG Baramandis and Lewas meet and greet program last Thursday, Asad Vala made his compliment on the teen cricket sensation.

Everyday People PNG : John Kariko

My father, who is a former Barramundis player, would always encourage me to play cricket, but I never listened. 

When I reached 13, I started playing cricket in the Hanuabada village competition. I really liked cricket from then on.

By age 15, I had joined the local cricket club and things just evolved from there. 

Now at 17 and enthusiastically training for my debut on the international stage, I can say the game has taught me so much.