John Kalamoro

Boundaries review must happen in 2019

Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoro, says by law the review must be done every 10 years.

The next review is two tears overdue.

Kalamoro said the organic law allows for more than 89 open electorates but not more than 120.

He said the review of boundaries needs to be conducted immediately and 20-19 appears to be the best time because it is not too close to conduct the 2022 elections.

No laws to review provincial electorates

Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoro, revealed this during the two day seminar on the review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections and related laws.

This is one of the loopholes currently in the Organic Law which needs to be addressed by parliament.

Kalamora said while the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) can make recommendations on the electorates to cater for any changes it must be part of a re-distribution review.

This was the process undertaken by the EBC and Parliament for the creation for Hela and Jiwaka.