John Bivi

Madang LOs call for royalty

The four major landowner chairmen met with the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, recently to air their grievances.

In a meeting recently held in Port Moresby, the landowners from the Kurumbukari, Basamuk, Basamuk Coastal Pipeline and Maijuri inland pipeline urged Minister Tuke to give them feedback on their overdue royalty payments since the beginning of the project in 2013.

Toby Bare, chairman of Kurumbukari Landowners Association, said the landowners have been waiting patiently for the past years for the Government to hear their plight but nothing has been forthcoming.

Madang inks deal with Philippines school

Acting Provincial Administrator, John Bivi, signed the agreement on behalf of the provincial administration with the CJI General Services Inc President and Chief Operating Officer, Jimmy Francis Hinch.

In his attempt to curb law and order in Madang Province, Governor Peter Yama has come up with this idea of sending students, especially those who are on the streets, to the Philippines for studies.

Treasury staff confronted for delay in funds

John Bivi blasted the Provincial Treasury office staff for not adhering to instructions from his office.

He claimed that some of the staff have taken sides and involved politics in their duties, which resulted in funds being delayed.

Bivi further reiterated that a collective effort is needed from each and every one of them to bring services to the province.

The staff, on the other hand, told Bivi: “These funds are not from our internal revenue so we could have a say in it. These function grants are tied grants.”

Committee to respond to Madang petition

Acting provincial administrator, John Bivi, said the administration could not respond to the petition in 48 hours as demanded as they will need more time to look into all the demands.

Bivi claimed most of the demands in the petition were politicised and lacked substance.

He said once the committee completes a draft to respond to the petition, they will give it to Governor Peter Yama for his input.

Bivi also said most leaders involved, or who were allegedly seen amongst the crowds during the stand-off, must also be present to answer to some of the demands.

Council members tender resignation over mismanagement claims

A spokesperson (name withheld) told this newsroom that they disagreed with the way funds were being used as well as appointments being made, hence the tendering of resignation with the Provincial Affairs and Inter-Government Relations Department.

“For example, a cheque totaling over K1 million was issued last Friday while our Treasurer has been sidelined, making way for a crony to take up the post,” alleged the group.

“We hope our resignation will attract attention to the way our province is being run.”

Madang update: Water supply restored

As of 3pm yesterday (April 13), water was restored to Madang residents, including the hospital.

The water supply was affected following the unrest over the death of a Ialibu teacher in Madang.

Acting Madang Provincial Administrator John Bivi told Loop PNG that opportunists vandalised the water supply station at Panin village during the unrest on Saturday (April 7).

John Bivi recognized as acting Madang administrator

Minister for Public Service, Elias Kapavore, made the announcement after being asked by Usino Bundi MP for confirmation of the appointment.

Kapavore said the National Executive Council have appointed Bivi to be acting after Danny Aloi was suspended by the Provincial Executive Council pending investigation of allegations laid against him.

He called on the public servants and the people of Madang to abide by the NEC decision and work with Mr Bivi.

He said there is only one administrator and it is John Bivi and not Aloi.