Gamato clarifies Jiwaka PRO status

The intending candidates claimed that the Provincial Returning Officer Rossie Pandihau had been changed by Deputy Administrator Stefan Husik at the 11th hour.

They are claiming that the new PRO could not have been gazetted and so there is a question of whether or not any decision he makes, such as accepting nominations of intending candidates is legally binding.

However, Gamato clarified that the changes were not made at the 11th hour as the changes were made on March 30, 2017.

Mock Parliament session for women highly appreciated

Ms Weiang shared this sentiment after attending week long PNG Practice Parliament Session for Women 2017 recently.

Weiang, a law graduate with colorful private sector experience will bring with her many skills in business world into the world of PNG politics as elections nears this year.

The PNG Practice Parliament Session for Women 2017 was conducted by UNDP, the National Parliament and the Office of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

Banking services arrive in rural areas

The groups include Voice for Change in Jiwaka, along with KGWan Eco-Habitat Inc. and Independent Reform and Restoration Movement (IRRM) in Chimbu.

They will all become banking agents with MiBank, and expect to open accounts for more than 400 farmers.

IRRM Manager Toppy Sundu said in the past they never had bank accounts and had to hide their money or spend it.

"If we did have a bank account it took all day to travel to town to deposit or withdraw money. It would cost us money for PMV and was not safe," he said.

Criminals hijack Jiwaka government vehicle

The vehicle, a ten seater Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number HAP 139 was parked at the residence of the Program Manager for Provincial Division of Primary Industry (DPI) when it was taken.

Program Manager Umar Nuka told Loop PNG news that it was an unfortunate situation adding that it was the only vehicle that was used to execute all the DPI programs in Jiwaka.

Jiwaka sends 57 policewomen to Lae Conference

Despite being a new province the JPG has recognised the importance of Community Policing  and came to the aid of the policewomen who are representing the province at the conference.

The Jiwaka Provincial Women’s representative and former Sargent Maria Kele and head of the Provincial Social Services Stefan Wusik represented JPG and accompanied the policewomen from the province to Lae.

Church elder slashed with bush knife over headmaster debate

The school which is one of the oldest and biggest in the new province began the school year with a dispute over the head teacher’s position following the appointment of a lower grade teacher to a Level Seven position by the Provincial Education Board.

The incumbent headmaster John Teine, a Level seven headmaster declined to vacate the office to a Level Four teacher, Simon Dei.

Tumun River in Jiwaka devastates land and property

A major road servicing more than  10,000 people in the upstream in the Kindeng area is under threat while hectares of food gardens, coffee plots and valuable traditional land have been washed away by the flooding river in the Reraka-Keripi area.

The same river cut off the main Kindeng-Dei highway and destroying villages, gardens and land while it cut a new route downstream several years ago. The road is still cut off. Attempts to have it fix redirect the river has failed.

North Wahgi People to benefit under Housing Scheme

The housing scheme included purchase of 45 chainsaws and 45 Lucas Mills Council Wards in 2013. With the aim of one home for each family, this project is being hailed as one of the first for this Province and also the country too.

The District Administrator North Wahgi Nalan Kawa, stated that 120 containers of roofing iron will be shipped from China of which  40 containers have been received already, with 20 in Lae. The remaining 60 containers will be shipped in this year. 

Each 20ft containers hold up to 3000 sheets of roofing iron.

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Breakthrough in drugs fight in Chimbu


Simbu Police’s Operation Weedim Grass has become the leading marijuana combating team in the country with more than half a million plants uprooted over the last four years.

WHP and Jiwaka to fix major road link

WHP and Jiwaka to fix major road link

Victims affected by the flooded river contributed  more than K10,000 to pay for the land for the new course of the river, while Anglimp South Wahgi MP Komun Joe Koim provided an excavator last week.

The flooding river took a new course and covered large blocks of coffee plantations, food gardens, homes and arable land in the Kindeng and cut off the Kindeng-Kondopina Highway for the last three years.

Koim hit out at the National Road Authority for failing to fix the section of highway which was washed away by the flooding river in 2013.