Jerry Turi

SHP man to still answer to murder charge

The no-case submission was moved after all of the state’s witnesses were called and it closed its evidence in the trial.

Erave man Jerry Turi’s lawyer asked the court to stop the trial halfway and acquit him, citing the state did not produce enough evidence to convict him.

The court found there was enough evidence to proceed with the trial and dismissed his application.

He will return to court next Tuesday, where the court will hear his side of the case through the witnesses he intends to call.

Doctor gives evidence in murder trial

The trial against Erave man Jerry Turi resumed this morning with the state calling the witness, Dr Seth Fose. He is one the chief pathologists in the country.

Dr Fose conducted the autopsy on the deceased, Tapi Max Mekeo, on 22 December 2015 at the Funeral Home. Mekeo died on 17 December 2015.

He gave an outline of the report in court and explained the extent of damage on the deceased, which caused his death.