Jeremiah Yinu

Soldiers’ trial deferred

Jude Nidung, David Travolta, Alwin Matiabe, Tobias Samson and Kenneth Yangun, appeared in the National Court today for mention. Gregory Tuaki was not present in court. 

Their trial will not take place this month due to legal representation issues. Their case was adjourned to June 11.

The six are in court over allegations they were involved in a fight on July 25, 2015, which resulted in Grade 11 student, Jeremiah Yinu, being hospitalized after receiving life threatening injuries.

Police failure sees murder case struck out

This unnecessary delay resulted in the murder case of Port Moresby student Jeremiah Yinu struck out after the arresting officer, who was investigating the case, failed to produce those files in court today.

The matter was adjourned, for the last time, in March 2 to give time to the investigating officer to produce those findings before the court. However, that was not done.

Instead, the officer requested through police prosecution team to have the matter adjourned, yet again, to give him time to compile the completed investigation findings.

Soldiers seek bail at National Court

 Jude Nidung (24) from Finschhafen  in Morobe, David Travoha (23) from Nuknuk village in Huon Gulf, Morobe Province, Gregory Tuaki (28) of Dinam village, Bogia district in Madang, Alwin Mataibe (26) from Guala village, Koroba district in the Hela province, Tobias Samson (26) from Singing village, Baiyer district Western Highlands Province and, Kenneth Yangun (25) of Mendi in the Southern Highlands Province all appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish.

Student death probe: Soldiers stay quiet, stalling progress

Toropo says that while the legal process is now in full swing with the soldiers who have been handed over, no other names or identities have been forthcoming.

He says that while witnesses allege that there were a big number of soldiers who fought, until such time as actual evidence is given in with positive identification, the army will not make any more arrests or detainment.

Commander Toropo says that while the death of 17 year old Jeremiah Yinu is unfortunate,  his investigators are trying to get concrete identification of the other soldiers involved in the case.

​Soldiers to appear in court tomorrow

David Tappe and Francis Nasi will appear before Magistrate John Kaumi at the Waigani District Court tomorrow morning where the charge of attempted murder will be withdrawn against them.

On August 3, Tappe and Nasi made their first appearance in court alongside other defendants Jude Nidung and Kenneth Yangun.

They were later released on bail however police investigations found Tappe and Nasi were not involved.

Meanwhile Nidung and Yangun are being detained at Bomana after the death of the victim, Jeremiah Yinu.

Online response to Jeremiah Yinu overwhelming

Many of our readers have commented with sadness over the lost life of a young man

A reader, Yvonne Sele, commented under the link of an update over the arrests that she hoped justice would prevail for the young life gone too soon.

Other readers also expressed anger at the actions of a few soldiers who tarnished the reputation of the PNGDF. Gus Manh said that the culprits should be brought to justice, adding that there were many good soldiers and the actions of the wrongdoers tarnished the others’ reputations.

More soldiers arrested over student's death

The four make it a total of eight soldiers arrested since the assault that took place near the Coronation Primary School on July 25 in Port Moresby.

Alwin Mataibe (26) from Guala village, Koroba district in the Hela Province, Gregory Tuaki (28) of Dinam village, Bogia district in Madang, David Travoha (23) from Nuknuk village in Huon Gulf, Morobe Province, and Tobias Samson (26) from Singing village, Baiyer district, Western Highlands Province, were arrested on Monday and are being detained at Bomana.