Jelta Wong

Guns to be banned in PNG

He said in order to do this, gun laws must be amended to be more stringent with people caught with illegal weapons.

Minister Wong signed a moratorium on the 4th of October 2017 banning the purchase and issuance of new gun permits to citizens across the country until further notice.

The Police Minister said: “I took the measure because of the increasing number of gun related violence and killings reported in certain parts of the country in recent times.

Pom police numbers questioned

He said being the capital there are major crimes whilst the population continues to increase due to migration into the city.

He said this when asked Nuku MP, Joe Sungi, asked why there was a high concentration of police in Port Moresby with most policing built in the city.

He also asked if the Police hierarchy had a structure and manpower ceiling in place and the budget to back it.

Minister Wong said Port Moresby being the capital and APEC 2018 host would obviously need significant police presence to cater for the growing population, mainly through migration.

Petition against Wong dismissed

Justice Collin Makail dismissed the petition on Thursday because the petitioner, former MP Malakai Tabar, did not establish a case for Wong to respond.

The dismissal came after Wong’s no-case submission was successful in court.  

On Wednesday, the court ruled out one of the three allegations in the petition after it was found to be incompetent.

The trial proceeded on Thursday with the two remaining allegations of bribery. Evidence was called in by the petitioner.

Police Minister to enforce ‘One-Strike’ Policy

“The Government has made it clear, that in our disciplined services, we have a ‘one-strike and you are out’ policy on serious issues.

“The nation looks to our disciplined forces to set an example, so when codes of conduct are broken there is no excuse.

"Details of the incident are being investigated, and I urge people to wait until the facts have been established, and not listen to rumor."

Minister Wong said all personnel claimed to be involved in this matter are to be stood down from active service while the investigation is underway.

Report officers involved in SABLs: Minister

Minister for Police, Jelta Wong, said he issued a statement last year that police should not be used to intimidate or harass landowners, and that stance has not changed.

Following his appointment last year, Minster Wong said police are not to interfere in SABL matters.

He also said the National Executive Council Decision of 187/2014 to revoke and cancel all SABLs was in force and there should not be any such operation.

“The stance is still the same. I put out a statement when I was one month into the job. I said that no policemen will be in those SABL areas.

Hela Governor condemns attack on cops

The killing happened along the Mendi highway. 

Undialu said he had anticipated such an attack, which was why he came out in the media to warn the public not to interfere with issues affecting the people of Hela.

Governor Undialu said killing, robbery and rape is common along the Nipa-Mendi section of the Highlands Highway and leaders of the province need to come out and address this.

He said the name of the entire Southern Highlands and Hela province continues to be tarnished, thanks to a handful of troublemakers.

Police Minister condemns attack on officers

Two officers were reportedly gunned down during the weekend. Details into the killing are yet to be established.

In a statement, Minister Jelta Wong says: “In light of the current situation in the Southern Highlands Province, a number of fatalities were sustained by the RPNGC as a result of a deliberate and cowardly attack by members of the public on members of the RPNGC, an action I condemn as the Police Minister.” 

Wong pledges fresh start and pride restoration

Wong, when giving his maiden speech as Police Minister has pledge to start fresh and make RPNGC the best government entity in the country and Pacific.

 "The Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary is one of the key establishments of Papua New Guinea. We have a long and proud history, steeped in meritorious conduct and our institution is the platform for which law and order in this country should be built upon."

He said too often, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary has been the centre of controversy, tainted by the actions of a few.

New ATM for Gazelle district

Bank South Pacific (BSP) officially launched a new ATM at BSP’s Kerevat sub-branch on Wednesday, 13th September, 2017.

The ATM was officially launched by Member for Gazelle & Minister for Police, Jelta Wong.

The Minister expressed his gratitude towards BSP for providing this vital service to his people and the district.

“My people no longer have to travel a long distance to Kokopo for simple banking requirements, as the branch and the installation of the ATM now saves the people of Gazelle district time and money.”

New ATM to reduce travels

The Bank South Pacific (BSP) officially launched the new ATM at its Kerevat sub-branch recently adding to its existing growing services in the Province.

The event was attended by Police Minister and Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong, as well as the District Development Authority (DDA) CEO, Rosemary Murure, and Board Members.

Minister Wong expressed his gratitude towards BSP for providing this vital service to his people and the District.