Jeffry Feeger

Feeger’s quake masterpiece

Maybe not in every area, but for the art scene in the country, artists are joining hands to show their power in unifying the community and the people.

Artists for a cause, staged on April 7, not only was the biggest music performance to raise funds but also for the first time, brought on stage a visual artist.

15 years now in his painting career, PNG’s renowned Jeffry Feeger has always loved to paint with music.

​Artists collaborate on Headhunt Revisited

The documentary, currently in post-production, retraces the journey of Caroline Mytinger and her friend Margaret Warner, travelled PNG and the Solomon Islands on a hunt to capture portraits of the indigenous people.

The Mytinger project, called the Headhunt Revisited, is the dream of another female artist, Michele Westmorland.

Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera is a film, a book and exhibition about Caroline Mytinger and the power of her art to build connections across oceans in decades.