Japan takes lead in first half

The second match at Bava Park this evening had a firing start with Japan taking a penalty kick in front of Nigeria's goalmouth in the second minute of the match, only to find the outside corner net.

The local supporters added that boost for Japan, who had more possession of the ball in the entire first half of the match.

Awesome defense by Nigeria's defenders prevented a goal to Japan in the 7th and 8th minutes of the match.

Japan takes on Nigeria at 7pm

Both teams have one win, one lose and a draw against each other.

Nigeria has had 7 appearances at the World Cup since 2002, while Japan stands at 4 appearances in the competition.

Neither teams have a title against them. Together their total scored goals stand at 8, that's 4 goals each from previous World Cup meets.

The Japanese side will be captained by defender and No. 5 Ruka Norimatsu, while Nigeria will be led by goalkeeper Sandra Chiichii.

Pictured in navy blue are the Japanese warming up before the match.

Bava Park to host two matches on Day One

While the opening ceremony will be taking place at the Sir John Guise Stadium, Bava Park will host its first match at 4pm between Spain will take on Canada.

The Spaniards will be bidding to break down Canada's defensive fortress with key players Andrea Sierra, Nahikari Garcia and Sandra Hernandez.

The Canadians will be hoping to build on a positive showing with the help of key players Sarah Stratigakis and Bianca St. Georges after they reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup.

Japan takes the field to play Nigeria at 7pm.

Final countdown to FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup kick-off

Four matches will be played today at two separate venues.

Pool A matches will be played at the Sir John Guise (SJG) stadium and Pool B matches will be played at Bava Park.

The first two matches will kick off at 4pm.

Sweden and Korea DPR will take the field after the opening ceremony at the SJG stadium in front of an expected sellout crowd.

Sweden will be banking on key players Stina Blackstenius, Nathalie Bjorn and Tove Almqvist. Korea DPR has key players Ri Un Sim and Ri Kyong Hyang to help them through to victory.

Expert: Empowering communities vital for protected areas

Environment policy expert based in Japan, Anne McDonald, says working closely with resource owners and government agencies is vital in developing a management plan for PAs.

The Canadian environment policy scholar and Professor of Sophia University at Tokyo, in Japan, highlights the importance of involving landowners in decision-making for PA policies.

McDonald has conducted field research in Japanese agricultural and fishing communities for over two decades now.

She educates on how to balance economic development and environmental conservation of island nations.

Japan’s tsunami hit city on road to recovery

Loop PNG visited the city this week as part of the Pacific-Caribbean Journalists Program organised by the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation and the Foreign Press Center Japan.

Ishinomaki is the major city of northeast Miyagi Prefecture located at the mouth of the Kitakami River which is the biggest river in northern Japan.

The earthquake and tsunami caused disastrous damage to the city, leaving a permanent scar on both the city and the minds of its residents.

Fireworks of the future? Japan to create fake shooting stars

But come 2018, these fleeting fireballs will no longer be left to chance.

Japanese space start-up ALE is developing the technology to deliver on-demand man-made meteors, which could turn the night sky into a blank canvas.

"Imagine a future, where you can use our meteors for international fireworks displays, a proposal for marriage, or a special memorial," says Shinsuke Abe, ALE's research director and Nihon University aerospace engineering professor.

British warplanes set for drills in Japan, South Korea

The British deployment marks the first time ever Japan's Air Self Defense Force has hosted joint exercises with aircraft from a nation other than the United States.

"This exercise aims to enhance tactical skills of the air forces and strengthen Japan-Britain defense cooperation. We do not have a specific country or region in mind," Japan's Defense Ministry said.

But they come at a time when Japan is becoming increasingly embroiled in disputes with North Korea over Pyongyang's testing of nuclear warheads and missiles that could potentially carry them.

Japan promotes sustainability to address global warming

Island and coastal countries are faced with the effects of global warming including Papua New Guinea.

Global warming leads to climate change and the impacts include rising sea level and the decline in food security.

In its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Japan has moved into using sustainable clean energy in a lot of its creations and innovations for a sustainable future for the next generation.

Awareness vital in city waste management

In Papua New Guinea’s major cities and towns, whether it is Kokopo, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Lae or the nation’s capital Port Moresby, citizens must be educated on the importance of waste management.

Like in Japan, education and awareness must begin at a very young age where children are able to grasp the information and easily incorporate it in their everyday life.

Education at the elementary school level is important in Japan and that is the current practice for the well-developed and industrial country.