Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Manam resettlement project receives JICA support

The Manam Resettlement Authority (MaRA) has reached an agreement with JICA for this to take place.

This engagement is seen as a boost for MaRA in getting the job done efficiently and is aligned to their vision of resettling the displaced people of Manam at Andarum and ending the project come 2030.

JICA scholarship recipients present report

Two of these Papua New Guineans graduated from masters programs and the other two from short-term training programs.

This year marks 50 years of Japan’s official development assistance to Papua New Guinea.

Scholarship recipients highlight thesis topics

From these, two were from the Department of Foreign Affairs, one representative from the department of Agriculture and Livestock, one from the Department of Climate Change and Development Authority, two from the Department of Finance and one representative from the Department of Forestry.

The Public Servants were recipients of the JICA SDGs Scholarship Program in 2021. They successfully completed their master’s studies at different universities in Japan.

Treasurer pleased with meeting

Dr Tanaka Akihiko, to discuss progress on PNG’s economic reform program as well as Japanese assistance to PNG.

“The JICA President praised the determination with which PNG was pursuing its budget repair and reconstruction program,” stated the Treasurer.

“He noted the importance of the 13-year budget repair plan as well as the positive start to a funded program with the IMF. 

“He highlighted how this greatly added to PNG’s international economic credibility and further funding opportunities with other international partners.”

MRA Staff Earn Scholarship

The scholarship is under the Human Resource Development in the Mining Sector ‘Kizuna’ Scholarship Program. JICA provides the three scholarship programs and the Kizuna Scholarship Program is one of them. 

The officer are Benny Poke, Polio Tailao and Moira Lunge. Poke and Tailao will study for their Masters at the Akita University and the Hokkaido University, while Moira will join Benny to pursue her PhD at Akita University. 

Global Handwashing Day observed

Proper hand washing technique was demonstrated to students, reiterating the message on basic hygiene with focus on non-pharmaceutical approaches in protecting oneself against infectious diseases.

The awareness and advocacy drive were facilitated by JICA PNG health sector officers. Utilising the simple handwashing cartoon titled, “Let’s Wash Hands Together”, an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) tool was drawn by a Japanese cartoonist, Inoue Kimidori, and translated into 34 languages around the world, including Tok Pisin.

Insight into Japanese culture

At the end of the session, the students learnt a little more about Japan, but importantly the bilateral partnership and cooperation that has existed between both countries since 1975.

The Grade 11 students first went through several presentations that highlighted the work of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency.

They learnt that Japan is the second largest trading partner to PNG, after Australia, and that JICA is the implementing agency of Japan’s Official Development Assistance to developing countries.

Japan invests K3.5 billion in PNG

This was revealed during the signing of agreements between JICA and the Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) for the National ‘Greenhouse Gas’ Inventory System.

JICA PNG, Chief Representative Takashi Toyama said today the amount was equivalent to 11 billion Japanese Yen, and was invested in three technical programs to assist PNG address environment and  climate change.