Janet Roland Sios

Sios on NCC Board

With the appointment of new board members for the NCC since 2016, Ambassador Pomelau addressed that apart from being a GBV advocate, Mrs Sios brings to the board the importance of her own personal management experience and finance that would be important to the work of the Board.

“She is a woman doing a lot of work in the fashion space and over, but is recognized for running management, finances and businesses, which is an important addition to the board,” said Amb. Pomaleu.

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Police respond to Sios submissions

She returned to court for mention today with her lawyer before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli at the Waigani Committal Court.

Police indicated in court they will serve their response submissions on her today after court. Her  case will return on March 7.

Sios lawyers filed their submissions in response to the completed hand up brief or investigation files on January 16. She remains on an extended court bail.

Her case is still undergoing the committal court process which screens evidence to see if it is sufficient to commit to the National Court.