James Puk

Hagen petition trial stayed

The Supreme Court delivered its ruling today, putting the trial, which was scheduled to commence on 14 January on halt, while it reviews the decision by the National Court, which allowed one ground in the petition to go for trial.

Leave to review the National Court’s decision was granted by the Chief Justice, who sat as a single Supreme Court judge, last month.

Hagen Open trial deferred

Lawyers representing petitioner James Puk, who is disputing William Duma’s election, will return to court next week Monday for directions.

Parties in the petition appeared in court today where the National Court handed down its ruling on two motions.

One of the motions, filed by Hagen Open MP, William Duma, asked the court to dismiss the petition even before the objection motion, which challenges the competency of James Puk’s petition is heard.

The National Court dismissed this motion as it was misconceived.