James Donald

North Fly to pass K2m budget

In that meeting, the North Fly DDA board members, including local MP and chairman, James Donald, are expected to deliberate on the break-up of the projected K2 million budget.

P’nyang must be a standalone project: Local MP

He said the P’nyang Project will be a stand-alone project that will form an integral part of Western LNG whose combined processing facility will be built near Daru in Western Province.

Currently, Western Province has two other upcoming gas projects apart from P’nyang which include Elevala Ketu and Stanley Gas with Juha already running under PNG LNG Project.

Western MPs join PNG Party

In a conference this morning, Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto and member for North Fly, James Donald signed their acceptence letter to formally join PNG party.

The members were formally contesting under separate parties, Taboi Awi Yoto under United Resource Party and James Donald under Peoples Progress Party.

Both parties are part of the current government.

This been one of the main reasons they had pulled out of their running parties to join PNG party.