Jacksons airport

State Lounge refurbished

The Lounge has very modern amenities with excellent acoustics in the pressroom and the Prime Minister also has a private room at the lounge. It was developed as part of the extension of the International Terminal Building in 2015 that was opened in time for the Pacific Games.

NAC’s contractor Butom Services Ltd under supervision of NAC Technical Services Division took two weeks to complete the refurbishment as part of the terminal improvement program to improve service level and customer and stakeholder comfort and convenience.

Airport Staff Return Lost Cash To Owner

Darren Awasah left his waist bag containing money worth K4900 at the Jacksons Airport and departed to Mt. Hagen in Western Highlands Province On Wednesday June 22, 2022.

NAC Team Leader CCTV and Access Control and PMIA Aviation Security (AVSEC) with the help from NAC contracted security, Asila picked up Mr Awasah’s waist bag and handed it over to NAC Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC) to trace the bag owner.  

Puma authorized to supply fuel

The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) announced in a statement that ‘Conditional Authorization’ has been granted to the company to supply Jet A-1 (jet fuel).

The authorization protects Puma Energy and the National Airports Corporation (NAC) from any legal actions under the ICCC Act 2002; to lease a piece of land at or near Jacksons International Airport to build an aviation fuel farm facility and provide associated services.

Police to meet airport officials on ban

During the haul, 49 Mustard bags were confiscated at the airport in a joint effort by police who handed over the cargo to NCDC officials to dispose of the bags.

Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane says the meeting is important as yesterday’s incident signified a new trend that smugglers were carrying out to bring in betelnut and mustard into the city.

PSC Wane says he has arranged a meeting to address security and legal issues that have surfaced due to the incident.