Jacksons airport

Puma authorized to supply fuel

The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) announced in a statement that ‘Conditional Authorization’ has been granted to the company to supply Jet A-1 (jet fuel).

The authorization protects Puma Energy and the National Airports Corporation (NAC) from any legal actions under the ICCC Act 2002; to lease a piece of land at or near Jacksons International Airport to build an aviation fuel farm facility and provide associated services.

Police to meet airport officials on ban

During the haul, 49 Mustard bags were confiscated at the airport in a joint effort by police who handed over the cargo to NCDC officials to dispose of the bags.

Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane says the meeting is important as yesterday’s incident signified a new trend that smugglers were carrying out to bring in betelnut and mustard into the city.

PSC Wane says he has arranged a meeting to address security and legal issues that have surfaced due to the incident.