Proactive Leadership To Address Power Issues

ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain said the impact of continuous power outages has affected electricity paying customers and businesses alike.

He said: “The various articles published on 16th November, 2021 in both dailies paints the unfortunate reality of PNG’s power sector, but the problems affecting PPL’s reliable power services cannot be rectified by PPL alone.”

Mr Ain said the problems affecting PPL need collaborative and coordinated effort from all key stakeholders and those continuous power problems are amplified by:


Drop in fuel prices

The decrease were attributed to low crude oil prices and the strengthening of the US dollar against other major currencies during the month of July, 2016.

The consumer watchdog, Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) has released a statement announcing the new domestic retail fuel prices for this month.

The new fuel prices for the petroleum products (diesel, petrol, and kerosene) for the month of August, 2016 are set based on the calculation of the Import Parity Prices (IPP) for the month of July, 2016.