Investment Promotion Authority

‘Adventure tourism’ should sell PNG, says IPA

IPA acting managing director, Clarence Hoot, says PNG can compete with other tourism hot spots in the Pacific and Oceania Region by selling our brand of ‘adventure tourism’.

“We can go hiking, you go to the forest and do a bit of bird watching, you can go rafting, you can go scuba diving, so our focus should be more towards adventurous tourism,” said Hoot.

He said countries like Fiji received many tourists based on what he coined “laid-back tourism” where tourists go to relax.

IPA Submits Annual Reports and Audits

This is to allow transparency and standards to be maintained at all levels.

The Investment Promotion Authority is one of few entities in the country that publishes its annual audits and reports for public consumption.

The organisation today presented its 2015 audit and annual reports.

The annual report and audit is the organization’s way of maintaining transparency, accountability and investor confidence.

This is the organization’s fourth consecutive audit and annual report.

Investment body on campaign to educate

IPA is a statutory government body that governs  the laws of doing business and also markets the country to potential investors.

IPA and the  PNG Media Council are co-hosting a two day workshop in Port Moresby, bringing together other government bodies and journalists.

The workshop started today.

Collaborations by all stakeholders are  important to promote business in the country, says IPA chairman Leon Busken.

The workshop objective is to create awareness, stimulate discussions and initiate policy action for harnessing economic growth.