Investigation Task Force Sweep (ITFS) team

Baki's application dismissed

The Waigani National Court made a ruling on the case today after Royal PNG Constabulary in-house lawyer, Stanley Poga, asked the court on July 18 to judicially review the decisions dated 11 August 2011 and 27 January 2012.

Justice Leka Nablu refused to allow the two decisions to be judicially reviewed because of the long delay in Gari Baki bringing the case to court.

Cases of Judicial review must be filed within four months of the aggrieved decision.

​Baki’s lawyer asks court to review ITFS’ establishment

Royal PNG Constabulary in-house lawyer, Stanley Poga, on instructions from Baki, today moved a motion seeking leave before the Waigani National Court, to judicially review the NEC decision, dated August 11, 2011.

This NEC decision led to the establishment and appointment of the Task Force Sweep team to carry out criminal investigations, lay charges and prosecute offences independently without being accountable to the office of the Police Commissioner.