Staff harassment forces closure of health centre

A week ago, a group of young men pushed a bush knife through the window of a staff house at midnight while the family was asleep.

Staff say this was the fourth incident recorded since last year.

Officer-in-charge Sai Haguai says the lives of his staff are at risk and the facility will remain closed until an amicable understanding is reached between the locals, the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority and the SDA Health Services to protect the welfare of the staff and the facilities as well.

The women pressured to give up their children

Emily and Ruth are two women who found themselves locked in lopsided battles - facing harassment, intimidation, and crowd-funded lawyers.

Neither of them realised what it would cost them.

was late when Ruth walked up to the front door. She was already nervous and the dark November evening wasn’t helping. Pressing the doorbell, she heard it ring faintly inside. Light shone through the curtains but minutes ticked by and no-one came out. Why weren’t they answering? She’d been invited.

Finally, she heard footsteps and watched as the door opened a crack.