Information and communication technology (ICT)

Masiu calls for ICT development support

Minister Masiu made this call when addressing a forum in Bangkok, Thailand, last week.

He said recent interventions in the country and alignment within the Pacific region saw 17 countries and territories sign a milestone declaration called the Lagatoi Declaration, committing to stand united on matters relating to digital transformation.

The Declaration identifies six priority areas:

PNG ICT privileged to host

Secretary for the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Steven Matainaho has emphasized that the department has been aiming to hold such an event with neighbouring Pacific countries and territories.

"This is not something that just popped up but it was an initiative primarily by Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Timothy Masiu, when he attended the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Romania. One of the things that was noted is the need for unity and a strong voice.

ICT as a developmental tool

The East New Britain Provincial Government is embracing ICT through its ICT Action Plan that was launched on Thursday, July 20th, in Kokopo by Governor Michael Marum.

Speaking at the launch, ENB Acting Provincial Administrator, Levi Mano, said ICT is now a work culture.

“ICT is the fundamental mechanism of profitability for companies and the effectiveness and efficiency for the public service, as well as other organisations.”

Computer labs launched under BeLit

‘BeLit’ is a flagship program of Digicel Foundation aimed at utilizing digital platforms for enhancing and making education accessible to all.

In 2022, six secondary schools in the nation’s capital were selected as part of its BeLit Program to set up computer labs.

These schools included; Jubilee Secondary School, Marianville Secondary School, Kila Kila Secondary School, Tokarara Secondary School, Gordons Secondary School and Badihagwa Secondary School.

ICT is the future

Senior Officials’ Meeting Chair, Ivan Pomaleu, told delegates during the opening of the 57th Meeting of the APEC Telecommunication and Information Working Group in Port Moresby yesterday.

Pomaleu said in PNG, the ICT environment is currently less developed than in many of the APEC economies.

However, he stated the Government recognises that ICT has the potential to drive significant economic growth in PNG, delivering great benefits to citizens and transforming the delivery of government services.