Indonesian government

PNGDF CASA Engine Returned

In 2014, the PNGDF Casa P2-502 was due for a Major Calendar Servicing in Bandung, Indonesia. On completion of the servicing, two major issues prevented the timely return of the engine.

Firstly, due to the lack of funds available, and secondly, proper paperwork for the custom declaration was not completed with PNG Customs.

The situation remained for the last 7 years until earlier this year when the Indonesian Military and Government stepped in to assist with the return of the engine.

Tjandra issue comes up in Parliament

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told Parliament on Friday that: “There is an alleged case against this gentleman in Indonesia and I have stated in this house before, and even today, I have no representation to the Government of Papua New Guinea to my office from the Government of Indonesia to send this person back to Indonesia.

“I know this particular gentleman; the citizenship committee has given him citizenship. That is not a decision made by the NEC.”