Imbonggu District Development Authority (IDDA)

Imbonggu eyes rural electrification

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology, Pila Niningi, says what Imbonggu District Development Authority is doing is in line with the National Government Medium Term Development Strategies (MTDS) and Vision 2050 by providing infrastructure and services to the rural communities.

Imbonggu sees success in SME projects

Imbonggu’s first successful poultry layer farmer, Resi Kupa has said that people should not wait and expect their MPs and government to do everything for them.

Kupa told of his own egg layer project, which he started in January 2013 in a bush material building with three boxes containing 156 layers.

In 2015, he was assisted with K20,000 by the IDDA enabling the egg farmer to increase his layers to 300 producing between 16 and 18 dozens of eggs each day supply Mendi town and local markets.

Two new high schools for Imbonggu

The new high schools are Undiri in the Lower Mendi area and Kero in Ialibu Basin.

The push for additional new high schools are in line with Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa’s emphasis on creating more learning and educational opportunities for primary school students.

In its 2016 Budget, the Imbonggu District Development Authority (IDDA) allocated K560,000 to commence work on setting up the new Kero high school.

The money is to be used to build a new double classroom there and similar funding would be allocated each year to fully establish the high school.

Projects put smiles on faces of women in Imbonggu

This was how the women’s representative in the IDDA, Lynette Ipuke, described the success of agriculture, livestock, fishing, vegetable and other projects undertaken by women in the district.

Ipuke said she was encouraged by the high rate of success among each woman who received financial assistance for various projects and activities.

She said given the successful use of the money by individual women projects, more money should be given to more women to projects of their choice.