Ilimo Farm

Local farm to begin producing dairy products

Ilimo Farm is run by agricultural developer Innovative Agro Industries (IAI) and will be launching a new line of dairy products.

IAI Chairman Ilan Weiss said people mainly have access to processed milk due to the high cost of imported fresh milk as very few retail outlets stock fresh milk in the capital.

Weiss said they aim to put a litre of healthy fresh milk on the shelves for consumers at a cost of between K6 and K7.

Local dairy products to hit store shelves soon

The rundown Ilimo Farm outside Port Moresby will be redeveloped into a dairy farm at a cost of K90 million. It will house 500 cows.

The farm is located on Sogeri road in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate of Central Province.

The signing of the agreement was done this morning in Port Moresby by the developer, Innovative Agro Industry, the National Government and Central Provincial Government.

IAI chairman Ilan Weiss said the development of the project will start in the coming 60-90 days and in the next 12-18 months, the farm will supply the Port Moresby market.