Ijivitari MP David Arore

Don’t politicise opening of Oro operating theatre: Malabag

The opening was scheduled for today but in an eleventh hour decision, was postponed to happen after the 2017 National Election.

Malabag in a media statement this morning said, "the formal opening off the Popondetta General Hospital Operating Theatre has been deferred until after the upcoming National Elections.

"This is a vital healthcare facility for the people of Oro and the nation, and must not be politicised.

"It is unfortunate that uninvited politicians attempted to hijack the event and create a security problem.

Oro political slanging match continues

Ijivitari MP and PNC nominated contestant for the Oro Provincial Seat, David Arore said credit must be given to the current government for developments happening in the province.  

Arore said the Provincial Government and Open Members of Parliament did not provide any counterpart funding for some of the major impact projects, in the last five years.

He yesterday outlined that, the K160 million for new bridges replacing the 2007 Cyclone damaged bridges were funded by the Australian Aid Program.

Minister Awesa confused by highways in Oro

Ijivitari MP, David Arore during Question Time asked Works Minister Francis Awesa if the National Government has plans to fund the national roads in Oro.

Arore said the Northern and Kokoda Highways which starts from Oro Bay and ends at Afore needed road maintenances.  

He added that the country’s 2050 Vision states that Central and Northern Provinces must be connected by road because it is part of the missing 16 economic corridors. 

Arore also asked why no government funding had been allocated for Northern Highway in the National Budget since 2014.