IEA College of TAFE

Early Childhood Education Teachers Accredited

They had attended a pilot program spearheaded the IEA College of TAFE and Digicel PNG Foundation.

The teachers now have an accreditation that is internationally recognised and it complements Digicel PNG Foundation’s investment in early childhood education centres and facilities.

IEA College of TAFE Manager, Dr William Pedley, said that TAFE was excited that it was a part of the Early Childhood Teacher training.

IEA college of Tafe offers second chance to school leavers

With school year set to kick-off, Tafe in Port Moresby hosted a successful open day over two days beginning January 19.

The open day allows interested public to see what programs are offered at Tafe and different levels available for grades 10 and 12s respectively.

Loop PNG met up with Aiyung Safatos – Coordinator for IEA TAFE open day to talk about TAFE:

“We are targeting these children who have missed out on placements in our government institution, we are giving them a second chance to complete programs we have here.