ICCC Commissioner

Ain reappointed ICCC commissioner

The ICCC Appointments Committee recently made the decision.

Commissioner Ain thanked the government for its decision which was made official by National Gazette No. G669 of 6th October, 2020.

In response, Commissioner Ain said: “On behalf of my family and the people of Jiwaka, I would like to thank the Marape Basil Government for having confidence in me by my reappointment as Commissioner to serve our consumers and the business community for the next five years.

ICCC dispels price increase assumptions

ICCC Commissioner, Paulus Ain, said in a media conference today that based on its outlook of 2018, retail prices for fuel will be flat or fluctuate and not increase over the coming months.

He made the comments in relation to the price hike experienced across goods and services in the country at the start of January, and rumours that prices would increase throughout the year due to the excise duty.