Ialibu Pangia

Stop claiming projects: O’Neill

Mr O'Neill made these remarks after Treasurer, Ian Ling Stuckey's claim recently that the EVEDU Transmission and Electrification project was the Marape Government’s “top priority project”.

Stuckey’s statement reads in part: ‘The Australian Government has agreed to support the Marape Government’s top-priority EVEDU Transmission and Electrification project with funding of $US90 million (K315 million).

Ialibu Pangia runner up seeks clarification on Sunday voting

The Supreme Court convened today since adjourning the case last week Tuesday.

Today was however spent clarifying the withdrawal of another two applications filed by Mr Liria that had sought a Court Order to stop the counting and declaration of the Ialibu Pangia seat.

The two applications have been withdrawn because the counting and declaration has already taken place.