Huhu War Canoe Festival

Cultural breakdown a factor in lawlessness: Leader

The Huhu LLG leader highlighted a lack of respect in today’s society.

When speaking of Milne Bay’s locally initiated event – the Huhu War Canoe Festival – coordinator Kaimuyoni Ila emphasised the importance of imparting cultural and traditional knowledge to the younger generation.

Ila believes this is the best way to keep youths firmly grounded in spite of Western influence.

Huhu prepares for war canoe festival

The Huhu War Canoe Festival is being presented for the third consecutive year, where Maiwara Village has been tasked as host.

Maiwara clan leader and chair of the festival organising committee, Kaimuyoni Ila, was pleased to say that positives outcomes have emerged from the last two festivals; especially for its younger generation who are taking the lead in organising this year’s event.

War Canoe Festival preserves culture and unites

Last year, the canoes made an appearance at Maiwara, a few kilometres, up along the same bay.

But the intimidating appearance was not for fighting. It was for the Huhu War Canoe Festival.

The festival is an initiative of the Huhu cultural leaders, for the people of Huhu to safe guard their identity, to educate their people and to preserve their culture.

The history behind the war canoes is fascinating.

According to events coordinator, Michelle Benua, Maiwara and Wagawaga are actually the leading war canoe villages since history.