Housing Minister

NHC officers to be suspended

Tkatchenko said they have found out that two of the officers were behind the recent unauthorised evictions in Lae.

Numerous evictions involving National Housing Corporation properties have been conducted over the years.

For Morobe, it is believed that over 15 families have been affected.

Housing minister issues warning

Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko says the NHC provides the lowest rental properties throughout PNG, where the maximum amount paid per month is K400.

Tkatchenko says he has been tasked to make sure all Papua New Guineans living in the National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estate Ltd properties pay for what they have signed up to do.

Housing policy reform team established

Minister John Kaupa said the reform will allow for the rental ceiling for National Housing Corporation to be increased to realistic levels.

The Minister told parliament that the housing policy is outdated.

“As a government we must cater for all.”

Kaupa said the ceiling, which was around during the colonial times, was around K7.50 to K128 to K200.

“This is not enough to maintain all the existing properties of the NHC,” said the Minister.

He has directed for the establishment of housing policy reform team, which will lead to the overhaul of the policy.