Hon. Ramsey Pariwa

Madang prepared to receive PM

According to Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa, PM Marape and visiting delegates will be arriving this afternoon from Mt Hagen to overnight. They will visit several project sites as part of the Connect PNG program, including the PMIZ project sites, the new Mobile Squad barracks site, Modilon hospital, and the Madang provincial administration headquarters.
Governor Pariwa said the PM will address Madang province on Tuesday, 3rd January. 

He said Madang is privileged to host the PM and his team on the first week of the new year.

Youth surrender home-brewing implements

Governor Pariwa was guest of honour in the surrender program. He urged all the youth in the ward and district to refrain from producing, trading and consuming home brew. He stressed that home brew only creates more law and order problems in the community.

He encouraged more involvement in agriculture activities and SMEs. They must create and make an honest living.

The youth of Alemo voluntarily surrendered the home brewing apparatuses which were destroyed in front of community leaders and the governor.  Members of the Madang police thanked the youths for the bold move.