Water needs for Homecare

The local AOG church, headed by Pastor Janet Wani, is home to more than 30 homeless women and children for more than eight years.

However, beside their need for food and shelter, there is no running water in the church.

The church has built a septic toilet but there is no running water. 

Water has to be carted by women and children from far distances up the hill to fill up 200 litre drums so the toilets can be flushed.

A 5,000 litre water tank was donated by a businessman two years ago stands idle because there is no gutter and tank stand.

Around 5,000 homeless children in NCD

Pake and his wife run the biggest orphanage in the city, which currently accommodates 54 children.

They not only accommodate, they also educate those unfortunate children and even cater for up to 100 children on weekends during its street beat programs.

A program that started almost 10 years ago, Life PNG Care is on a mission of rehabilitation at its home that provides accommodation for those vulnerable children, advocates for child protection and runs the street beat program.

Strong winds blow houses over

At least three houses collapsed when they were hit by the strong winds and massive waves.

Kido village is situated off a point behind Rearea village and Gorohu-Manumanu in the Kairuku-Hiri LLG.

Information came in that the villagers, whose only mode of transportation is by sea, have been unable to move anywhere.

Those who were travelling on Sunday reported encountering gigantic waves that they have never experienced before.

They are now calling on relevant authorities, as well as the Central Provincial Government, to attend to their plight.

Hanuabada families receive relief aid after houses collapse in sea

Reportedly the houses caved in due to the recent strong winds on July 15. The families made it out in time unharmed but were petrified at the devastation and the loss of their properties and homes.

The villages have a long history of living by the sea and have developed a unique architectural design for their homes.

 The houses are built on stilts over the sea and are adjoined by platform pathways in rows from the land towards the sea.