Owning a home in PNG

But how does one go about in owning one?

These questions plus many more were answered during the two-day Real Estate Show at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium in Port Moresby over the weekend.

Hausples.com.pg had organised the Real Estate Show with over 7,000 people recorded to have visited the show during the two days it ran.

This man has dressed as a parrot to sell a house

The mystery man appears in every image of the property in the Blackrod area of Bolton.

With bright green legs and coloured feathers, we see him relaxing inside the £225,000 home and even using a barbecue on the patio.

It's on the market with local estate agent Platinum Properties who say the homeowner was "up for a laugh".

Estate agent Steve Laycock tells Newsbeat "the parrot has requested anonymity but he tends to squawk rather than tweet.

"It's a macaw showing off the decor".