Hodges Ette

Local force will not be investigated: ACP

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crimes and Investigative Task Force (ITF) Commander, Hodges Ette, made this known in the wake of mounting suspicions from police in Southern Highlands that they will be subject to investigations as well.

Ette revealed this in a recent parade at the Mendi Police Station.

He said the province’s police personnel’s fundamental duty to provide services to the public must be upheld at all times.

No courthouse, Mendi police in a bind

Resources and logistical support to move detainees and remandees to the nearest courthouse in Ialibu, Nipa or Mt Hagen, is proving to be an administrative and logistical quandary. The only Provincial Correctional Institution has also been closed to accommodate new intakes.

 Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crimes, Hodges Ette, said it is a daily challenge and continuously exerting serious strain on their meager resources and logistics.