HIV awareness

NACS Raises Concern On HIV

For this reason, NACS in collaboration with the PNG Electoral Commission and the Department of Health have intensified the prevention efforts to minimize further transmission of HIV and other STIs, Unintended pregnancies, and COVID-19 during the elections.

NACS Acting Director, Tony Lupiwa, in a discussion stated that messages will be printed on posters, produced in jingles and T-shirts, which were presented recently by the Chinese Government.

Emotional Sia music video spotlights HIV awareness

In the video for "Free Me," released Thursday, Saldana plays a pregnant woman who learns she has HIV and must be treated so she can prevent the spread of the disease to her unborn child.

Through interpretive dance, viewers then follow the woman's emotional turmoil, with an ultimately hopeful ending.

Oscar-winner Julianne Moore lends her voice as the narrator.