Hisiu Village

Central Police probe death

The incident occurred on Friday April 17 at Hisiu along the Hiritano highway.

PPC Central Chief Inspector, Tapp Opai, said a councillor and some villagers called the police when they found the bloated corpse lying in some Savannah grass beside the road.

Three young men in their early 20’s including the driver of a white Toyota Land Cruiser were reportedly traveling with the victim when he allegedly fell off the vehicle.

They are now in police custody as investigations continue.

Hisiu Village launches association to help with service delivery

This follows the recent launch of the Upi Kupuna Association aimed to enhance the quality of life for the villagers by being responsive to the needs, interests and priorities of the community.

The function of the associations is to promote the health, safety, common good and social welfare of the villagers, and open up links and establish networks to tap into more development projects and programs for the villagers.

Departments of Agriculture and Livestock and the Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) helped the village form the association.