Hiri Trade

2018 Hiri Moale Festival launched

The festival reflects to the time of the ancestors, particularly the return of the seafarers after the long voyage to the Gulf of Papua for the Hiri Trade. It is dubbed to be the premier cultural show of the Capital City.

Chairman of the Hiri Moale Festival, Opao Udia, said the festival has grown since its start and this year has seen Steamships Company chip in with K80,000.

This is for the construction of two of the festival Lagatoi that will set sail on the festival days.

Motuan inspired attire captures audience at pageant

The attire captures the history of the famous Hiri Trade, designed by Tabu Warupi from Central Province and worn by newly crowned Miss Pacific Islands PNG Abigail Havora.

The audience cheered in awe as the outfit was modeled by Miss Havora.

The two piece outfit (pictured) consists of a blue dress and a cloak made up of mini Lagatoi sails cut from coconut fiber, the same material used to make the sail of an actual Lagatoi.

Warupi said the frills are from the Motuan grass skirt worn by women to welcome the Lagatoi with singing and dancing.