Hiri Moale

The Lagatoi returns

As tradition, each year, during the Hiri Moale Festival, the Motuan version of the Hiri trade is re-enacted.

For this year, it was the Tatana villagers who built the lagatoi (large, multi-hulled sailing canoes) used in the Hiri.

In the past, the lagatoi served as the sole transport, to the Motu-Koitabu sea-farers, who braved rough seas and strong winds during the trade.

These men were husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and fianc├ęs.

Hiri Moale is here!

The venue this year is at the Paga Hill ring road at down town Port Moresby.

Singsing groups are already in place warming up.

The festival commenced on Tuesday with the announcement of the contestants into the Hiri Hanenamo quest.

The quest is part of the festival where a young woman represents her Motuan heritage. Each year, a young woman is chosen as the Hiri queen.

This year, there are 18 contestants. The first judging also took place on Tuesday, where the contestants were judged on their knowledge of their traditional attire.


Thousands flock to Hiri Moale festival

Villages and districts from all over the Central Province have turned up in their vibrant color attires to add color to the festival.

The day has started with peroveta singsings, traditional dances, canoe races and selling of crafts and items.

Port Moresby residents have flocked in numbers to witness this event.

With the Lagatoi on its way with the contestants vying for the title of 2016 Hiri Hananamo, the atmosphere is picking up.

It is anticipated that more is yet to arrive to see the crowning of the MIss Hiri Hanenamo.